Take a Seat!

Is your outdoor space everything you want it to be? After spending hours tending the garden or trimming the lawn, do you long for a perfect focal point to highlight your hard work, or would a dramatic visual statement be your pleasure?

Art on Symmes has a solution designed to bring beauty and function to your outdoor space, whether it is your patio, deck or country porch. These lovely benches are true works of art and would be striking additions to any outside oasis.

As always, the artists we support create American-made products with outstanding design and quality. Not all items shown are carried in stock, but we can drop ship directly to your home or business.

Picture one of these elegant benches in your outdoor setting and we think you’ll be sold on their beauty, function and artistic design. Stop in to see what we have in stock or we’ll place your order for direct shipment to your location of choice.

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